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Please contact us at least one business day in advance by and phone, fax or email. We cater to groups of 20 people & over and appreciate your business!

tel (805) 730-9299  fax (805) 730-9229

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Sandwich platters

Sandwich platters are made fresh that day, the platters we are using are a selection of our key selling sandwiches and all are made with our own homemade sauces. Bread is baked that day, deli meats/cheeses are sliced daily and all our meats and cheeses are from Boards Head. Everything else we create from scratch that’s fresh not frozen. 

P&S Variety Platter
A selection of sandwiches for everyone

Veggie&Veggie Variety Platter
A selection of vegetarian options 

Half Variety and half Vegetarian is possible.

Ciabatta & Baguette Platter
Selection of Speciality Sandwiches 

Wheat & Spinach Variety Wrap Platter
A Selection of wraps 

Build Your Own Meat & Cheese Platter
Customize your platters (Choose your breads, meats, cheeses & veggies, with a selection of our spreads all served on separate platters and build away)

Cheese&Fruit Platter
Variety of cheeses & fruits with pita chips (Option of wrapped prosciutto bread sticks)


Crispy COBB Salad

Spinach Veggie Salad (Roasted Chicken Optional)

Caesar Salad ( Roasted Chicken Optional)


Soups and gluten free sandwiches are available.


Drinks & Chips Combo

Bag of Pickled Popcorn

Cookies, Lemon Bars & Eclairs 

Egg Salad

Tuna Salad

Crunchy Coleslaw